Med Food Wholesale .

Founded in 2010 Med Food is the coming together of several family businesses with their own individual histories dating back to 1996. Cooperating with our sister companies and partners based in Greece, Italy Spain. warehouses and manufacturing and packing site in London, we now consider ourselves as producers, importers, exporters and national distributors of authentic, innovative & quality Mediterranean food products.

Private label

We offer bespoke packaging on all our lines and are ready to sit side by side with you to develop any idea from conception to fruition. All our products are manufactured under most stringent quality control by internationally accredited factories (IFS – BRC – Kosher and Halal Certificated).

Tori B

Google reviews

Very friendly and helpful staff, great variety of products to choose from and SUPERB tasting olives!!! The price is also good and I would honestly be happy to pay even a bit extra for quality! An excellent wholesaler


Amazon reviews

No obvious smell of garlic according to my most discerning wife. I have three or four of these cloves a day for my general health they do apparently work and they are also tasty ... most times - dependent more on my mood than my taste buds.