Pitted olives

Pitted Olives

Green halkidiki olives
From Greece are oval in shape and are fleshy and firm. They are perfect in salads or for snacking and have a pure and natural olive flavour. The olives come in various sizes ranging from mammoth, colossal, jumbo or large. Served in brine or oil.
Salt cured olives
From Morocco are small and shrivelled with a chewy texture. The salt curing of the olives provides them with a robust, salty and pleasantly bitter olive.

Nocellara del belice olives
Are from Italy. They are round and firm and have a fresh, sweet and buttery taste. These olives are very popular table olives and are eaten around the world.

Kalamata olives
From Greece are often described as the king of olives. They are deep purple in colour and are longer in shape and have a firm flesh with a strong flavour. Choose from jumbo or extra large in size.
Black hojiblanca olives
From Spain have a strong flavour and are round and fleshy. They are perfectly balanced in flavour between sharp and salty.

Violet beldi olives
From Morocco have a red, purple colour and round fleshy textures. They are naturally matured and have a rich fruity taste and a tender flesh.

Spanish green hojiblanca olives
Have a firm texture with a perfect balance of flavours between sharp and salty. They make good table olives and are also great in salads and food. Served in brine.