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Antipasti and Deli Specialities

Traditional, naturally-flavoured Mediterranean delicacies including Borettane onions, dolmades, butter beans, wild mushrooms and preserved lemons.

Red Bell Peppers with Cheese

Spicy and sweet red Greek peppers stuffed with cream cheese and preserved in oil for a hot and cool flavour combination. Perfect for antipasti.

Red Cherry Peppers with Cheese

Sweet Italian cherry peppers (sometimes called sweet chilli peppers), stuffed with cream cheese and preserved in oil. The cool cream cheese brings out the taste of the sweet peppers perfectly and offers a delicious flavour combination.

Red African Peppers with Cheese

Sweet, round and small African peppers stuffed with cream cheese and preserved in oil. These peppers are pleasantly sweet and perfectly combine with cream cheese for a sweet and cool flavour.

Green Chilli Peppers with Cheese

Small and spicy green chilli peppers are stuffed with cream cheese and preserved in oil. The peppers have a pleasant heat, however your palette cools down with the cream cheese for a delicious bite every time.


Artichokes have a mild and nutty flavour and are considered a luxurious vegetable. We have whole Spanish artichoke hearts or artichoke heart quarters, gently preserved in brine.

Borettane Onions in Balsamic Vinegar

Borettane onions are mild, tender and sweet Italian pearl onions that are flat and almost saucer like. They are pickled in sweet sour Balsamic vinegar for a very special taste.

Picked Cornichons

Small and tender baby gherkins are preserved in brine for a delicious and crunchy bite. Perfect for cheese boards and antipasti or added to salads for a salty, crispy bite.


Dolmades are a traditional favourite from the middle east. Soft, young vine leaves, stuffed with rice, herbs and seasonings for a perfect bite every time.

Butter Beans in Tomato Sauce

Giant butterbeans cooked in tomato sauce and herbs and seasoned to perfection. These butter beans are perfect on their own or served with meat and fish.

Sliced Mixed Mushrooms

Four varieties of mushrooms are sliced and preserved in oil to maintain their earthy, woody flavours. This versatile vegetable is perfect for antipasti, salads and cheeseboards.

Preserved Lemons

Lemons preserved in brine are an essential ingredient in many kitchens. They are used to add brightness, salt and depth to tagines and stews, dressing and sauces and more recently used to add additional flavour to pasta dishes.

Roasted Red Peppers

Florina peppers are long elongated peppers that are crunchy and tender with a sweet flavour. These peppers are roasted for additional flavour and are preserved in brine.

Chargrilled Aubergine

A delicious addition to any antipasti plate, our chargrilled aubergines are slices of aubergines chargrilled and marinated in herbs and sunflower oil.

Chargrilled Peppers

Mixed red and yellow peppers, grilled and marinated with herbs and sunflower oil. Delicious on their own, as antipasti or added to salads.

Chargrilled Mushrooms

Whole mushrooms grilled for extra flavour and marinated with garlic and chilli in oil. Delicious on their own, as antipasti or added to salads.

Chargrilled Artichokes

Whole artichoke hearts chargrilled and marinated with herbs and sunflower oil. A perfect addition to any antipasti platter, in salads and on its own.

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