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Tomato Products​

Taste the sunshine with our semi dried and sun-dried tomatoes. Marinated with herbs and sunflower oil for full flavour.

Sun Dried Tomatoes in oil

Taste the sunshine with our finest sun dried tomato halves, marinated in a choice of sunflower oil or olive oil. Available in 3kg jars or 950g trays. These succulent and tasty tomatoes will add a burst of flavour to any antipasti board or cooked dish.

Sun Dried Tomatoes – Classic

Our classic sun dried tomatoes are packed with flavour. Our finest tomato halves are dried and vacuum packed for extra freshness and shelf life. Available in 5kg packs, they will add a taste of the Mediterranean to your dish or platter.

Semi Dried Tomatoes

Packed with flavour, vitamin C and potassium, semi dried tomatoes are a taste sensation. Our finest tomato halves are marinated in oil. Softer and more subtle than sun dried tomatoes, they are delicious to eat on their own, can be added to salads for the extra flavour burst or added to food.

Join our quest for quality

Our ethos is simple. We take the finest and best quality ingredients you can find, bring in the best flavours from around the world and use minimal and elegant packaging. We are market leaders in innovative fresh produce, made by the British for the British table.