A true taste of the middle east, our range includes filo, kataifi (shredded pasty) and semolina. Liberally layered with best quality nuts and infused with butter and syrup.
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Pistachio Diamond
This delicious and crispy baklava is made of thin layers of filo pastry filled with crushed pistachios, cut into diamond shapes and sprinkled with pistachio powder. Soaked in sweet syrup, our baklava is sweet and indulgent and filled with nuts.
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Almond Baklava
Thin, crispy and buttery layers of filo pastry are filled with sweet crushed almonds. Cut into rectangular shapes and sprinkled with almond powder. We soak our baklava in a sweet syrup to give them an indulgent and decadent flavour and texture.
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A delicious and luxurious parcel of layers of filo pastry folded in on the sides and filled liberally with crushed cashews and pistachios. Dusted with pistachio powder, our boukage is soaked in syrup to marry all the delicious flavours together to bring you a parcel of delight.
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Assabee finger
Layers of crispy filo pastry are wrapped around crushed cashews and almonds and rolled into finger shapes to make them easy and elegant to eat. They are soaked in a delicious syrup to bring all the flavours together. Available in bite size and jumbo.
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Wafer Cinnamon
Our cinnamon pastries are wafer thin layers of filo pastry stuffed with hazelnut paste, cinnamon and cut into triangles and finally sprinkled with cinnamon powder. They are soaked in delicious syrup to marry all the delicious flavours together.

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Birds Nest Almond
An all-time favourite, our bird’s nest is made of thin layers of shredded pastry made into a birds nest, which then holds a generous amount of almonds. The pastry is topped with a syrup glaze for a decadent, sweet and shiny treat.

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Birds Nest Pistachio
An indulgent pastry, our bird’s next is made of think layers of shredded pastry, made into a birds nest, and filled with generous amounts of beautiful whole pistachios. The pastry is topped with a syrup glaze for a sweet, shiny and decadent indulgence.
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Almond Honey cake
Our almond honey cakes are almond semolina cakes made with coarse semolina and soaked in a honey syrup. They are decorated with flaked almonds and are a soft and indulgent sweet treat.

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Katayef Roll
Super think and crispy shredded pastry is rolled around sweet walnuts and shaped into fingers for an indulgent and elegant eat. We soak our delicious Katayef roll in syrup to bring you indulgent baklava which is crispy and sweet.

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Walnut Wafer
Our delicious walnut wafer pastry is made with layers and layers of filo pasty, walnut paste and crushed walnuts and topped with pistachios. Soaked gently in syrup to bring you crispy sweet baklava bites.
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Assorted Baklava
All your favourites brought together in one pack. Our assorted baklava contains Assabee fingers, almond honey cake, walnut wafer and more. They are packed in 250g and 500g trays, ready to be sold to your customers.