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Pitted olives

Green halkidiki olives

Green Halkidiki olives from Greece are a popular table olive enjoyed all over the Mediterranean. They have an oval shape and are fleshy and firm and very satisfying to eat. These plain pitted olives are perfect in salads and have a pure and natural olive flavour. The olives come in various sizes ranging from mammoth, colossal, jumbo or large. Served in brine or oil.

Salt cured olives

If you love strong tasting olives, then the salt cured olives from Morocco are perfect for you. They are dry and have a strong taste due to their curing process which removes all the bitterness and leaves a pure olive taste. The salt curing provides a robust, salty and pleasantly bitter olive. The skins are a thicker than other olives, but that just adds to their charm.

Nocellara del belice olives

Probably the most popular of Italian olives. Nocellara olives are round and firm and have a fresh, sweet and buttery taste. These olives are very popular table olives and are eaten around the world. They are also found in many of our marinated olive mixes because they are so well loved.

Kalamata olives

Kalamata olives are the most famous olives from Greece. They are often described as the king of olives. They have a deep purple colour and are longer in shape with a firm flesh and a strong flavour. Our kalamata olives are available in jumbo or extra large in size.

Black hojiblanca olives

Black hojiblance olives are from Spain. They have a strong flavour and are round and fleshy in texture. These olives are popular because they are perfectly balanced in flavour between sharp and salty.

Violet beldi olives

Our beldi olives are picked at their peak ripeness and are naturally cured. These unusual Moroccan olives have a red, purple colour and a round fleshy texture. They are rich fruity with a juicy texture and a tender flesh.

Green hojiblanca olives

Green hojiblanca olives are another delicious table olive from Spain. They have a firm texture with a perfect balance of flavours between sharp and salty. These plain pitted olives are perfect in salad and are served in brine.

Greco Mix olives

Our mixed plain pitted olives are a lovely selection of Kalamata and Halkidiki Greek olives. Both olives have a strong flavour and complement each other with their textures and taste. Kalamata olives with a full soft flavor of the green Halkidiki olives which are a little tart and a bit peppery in taste.

Beldi Green olives

Beldi green pitted olives are full of flavour and delicious Moroccan olives. These olives are very natural tasting and go perfectly in salads and on pizzas. They provide a pure olive flavour without overwhelming a dish and have a satisfying firm bite to them.

Alisa Black

Alisa black olives are pasturised olives from Spain. They are soft, rich and meaty with no tang at all, just a very full, slightly bitter black-olive flavour. They are available as whole pitted olives or sliced olives.

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