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Caramelised Nuts

Caramelised Honey

Sweet, nutty almonds are liberally caramelised to create a soft centre and a crunchy sweet outside. The prefect delectable treat.

Caramelised Almonds with Cinnamon

If you love cinnamon, you’ll love these decadent nuts. Sweet, nutty almonds liberally caramelised with sweet, woody cinnamon.

Caramelised Cashew Nuts

Buttery sweet cashew nuts liberally caramelised. Soft and buttery in the centre and crunchy sweet on the outside. They are irresistible.

Caramelised Cashew Nuts with Chilli

Sweet and savoury, our caramelised chilli cashews have a buttery cashew in the centre and are liberally caramelised. We’ve added a kick of chilli to take your taste buds to a new level.

Caramelised Cashew Nuts with Sesame

Mild, sweet and nutty sesame seeds are added in while we caramelised our buttery cashews. The result is a delicious combination of nuts, caramel and crunchy sesame seeds.

Caramelised Cashew Nuts with Cinnamon

Delicious cashew nuts, lovingly caramelised with cinnamon. Creating a sweet and crunchy flavour combination that is heavenly and warming.

Caramelised Hazelnuts

Whole skinless, nutty hazelnuts, caramelised liberally to create a crunchy treat for you to enjoy.

Caramelised Macadamia Nuts

Macadamia nuts are luxurious and buttery in taste. We caramelise our macadamias to bring you a buttery, crunchy treat. Truly delicious.

Caramelised Pecan Nuts

Naturally sweet and nutty pecans are caramelised liberally in crunch caramel. The crisp and crunchy texture of the nuts complements the caramel perfectly to make a delicious snack.

Caramelised Peanuts

Earthy peanuts liberally caramelised with crunchy cramel to bring you a nutty sweet treat. The prefect sweet, savoury flavour that is a pleasure to enjoy.

Caramelised Peanuts with Chilli

For all you chilli lovers. Earthy peanuts liberally caramelised with a hit of chilli for the perfect sweet, savoury and hot flavour burst.

Caramelised Peanuts with Sesame

Perfect combination of earthy peanuts caramelised with added crunchy and nutty sesame seeds. Perfectly balanced and delicious.

Caramelised Peanuts with Cinnamon

We have taken fresh crunchy peanuts and have caramelised them to perfection. Adding cinnamon for extra flavour and warmth. 

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Our ethos is simple. We take the finest and best quality ingredients you can find, bring in the best flavours from around the world and use minimal and elegant packaging. We are market leaders in innovative fresh produce, made by the British for the British table.