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Marinated Whole Olives


Our Amalfi olives are one of our most popular marinated olives. This delicious blend is a mixture of green and black olives marinated with garlic cloves, herbs de Provence and lemon slices. Mixed in brine and oil for a true taste of the sun.

Garlic and Herbs

Our garlic and herbs mix is a decadent mixture of whole green olives. They are marinated with garlic cloves, garlic flakes and herbs in oil. These olives truly celebrate the taste of the olive and bring you crunchy garlic and herbs.


Known as the king of olives, Kalamata olives are very special. This luxurious blend of Kalamata olives are marinated with garlic cloves and oregano. Everything is brought together in oil for an authentic Greek flavour.


Another popular blend. Kimolos is a mixture of green and black whole olives, marinated with garlic, red peppers and herbs. The marinate is strong and aromatic and a taste sensation.


The Ischitana is a celebration of popular flavours. A delicious combination of black and green olives, marinated with garlic, red peppers and herbs in oil. The herbs are subtle and mild and complement the delicious olives.

Bella Sicily

The Bella Sicily olives are a carnival in a bowl. An exciting mixture of four different olives (green and black) marinated with garlic cloves, red peppers, oregano and oil. It’s a delicious taste of Sicily.

Spicy Kalamata

Our most popular black olive variety, our spicy Kalamata celebrates this special olive. Whole Kalamata olives are marinated with chilli and garlic cloves in oil. Fantastic olives with a strong chilli punch.

Greco Mix

Our mixed plain pitted olives are a lovely selection of Kalamata and Halkidiki Greek olives. Both olives have a strong flavour and complement each other with their textures and taste. Kalamata olives with a full soft flavor of the green Halkidiki olives which are a little tart and a bit peppery in taste.

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