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Plain whole olives

Green halkidiki olives

The Green halkidiki olives from Greece have a firm texture and a slightly bitter taste. They have a hint of fruity aroma without any hint of oiliness. They are fantastic in salads and food and are a good snacking olive with a pure natural taste. A perfect choice is you are looking for plain whole olives.

Green nocellara olives

Green nocellara olives are one of the most famous and a popular eating olive. They are from Italy are rounded firm olives that have a mild sweet flavour. They are perfect for snaking and in food and are often paired in slow cooked beef.

Whole kalamata olives

Kalamata olives are possibly one of the most famous olives in the world. They are from Greece are often referred to as the king of olives. They have a dark purple skin and are sweet and fruity, however they have the sharpness that we most associate with olives.

Salt cured moroccan olives

The salt cured Moroccan olives, also known as Facon Greque or Greek Style Olives have a strong salty flavour and a tougher shrivelled skin that gives them a distinct texture and a rich umami saltiness. If you love your olives strong then you have found your perfect match.

Med Mix

Olive mixes are popular snacking olives as they offer something for everyone. Our med mix offers a taste of the Mediterranean. It has a mix of black, kalamata, Nocellara and Halkidiki green olive, preserved in brine to maintain their natural olive flavours. They are a delicious mix from our pitted whole olives range.

Turkish Green

Turkish green olives have a lemony fresh flavour that makes them light and easy to eat. They are often eaten at breakfast in Turkey and are also a popular olive to add to salads as they carry dressings very well. A delicious choice if you are looking for plain whole olives.

Cracked Green

Cracked green olives have been cracked on purpose so that they can be cured more quickly, keeping their fresh olive taste. Our cracked green olives have a fresh and lemony Turkish taste and are perfect as antipasti and for snacking.

Bella Cerignola

You will definitely know if you are eating a Bella Cerignola olive. They are very large Italian olives that are very firm and fleshy. In fact they are so large that you have to take a couple of bites before popping them directly into your mouth. They have a strong nutty olive flavour.


Gordal or the Fat One in Spanish are very large Spanish olives that are fleshy and satisfying. They are table olives with a profuse juiciness. They have a citrus-like taste and no bitterness. These olives are sometimes stuffed due to their large size.

Natural Violet

Natural violet olives are naturally matured Moroccan olives which are violet in colour. These olives have a mild gentle flavour that makes them enjoyable to eat. They are medium sized and not too fleshy, so they are often served with antipasti.

Volos Natural Black

Volos black olives are large olives which have been allowed to fully mature naturally. These delicious olives from Greece firm and crisp with a buttery taste and hints of citrus.


Gemlik olives are large, fully matured olives from Turkey. These olives have a thin skin and a small stone. They have a strong flavour as they go through a long maturing process. If you like strong tasting olives, then these are the black olives for you.

Salt Cured Dry

These salt cured olives from Morocco are small and strong tasting. They are fully matured and salted which extracts out their extra juices. As a result they have a strong flavour, thicker skins and are not as fleshy as other olives. But they do have a delicious olive kick.

Greco Mix

Our Greco Mix is another one of our popular olive mixes. Bringing together the best olives from Greece. Our mix contains Kalamata and Halkidiki green olives are preserved in brine to maintain their natural flavour.

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