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Chocolate confectionery is often a treat and one of life’s little pleasures. Enjoy our selection of dark, milk and yogurt covered confectionery. Or for something a little different how about our colourful chocolate stones or milk chocolate sunflower seeds.

Dark chocolate

Dark chocolate almonds

Dark chocolate brazil nut

Dark chocolate cashew nuts

Dark chocolate coffee beans

Dark chocolate honeycomb bites

Dark chocolate peanuts

Dark chocolate raisins

Milk chocolate

Milk chocolate almonds

Milk chocolate and cinnamon coated hazelnuts

Milk chocolate and cinnamon covered almonds

Milk chocolate banana chips

Milk chocolate brazil nuts

Milk chocolate cashew nuts

Milk chocolate hazelnuts

Milk chocolate honeycomb bites

Milk chocolate raisins

Milk chocolate Peanuts

Yogurt covered

Yogurt coated banana chips

Yogurt coated brazil nuts

Yogurt coated ginger

Yogurt coated honeycomb bites

Yogurt Coated peanuts

Chocolate candy

Milk chocolate stones (pebbles)

If you are looking for delicious and fun chocolates then look no further than our chocolates stones or pebbles. These little morsels contain smooth and delicious milk chocolate covered with a crunchy candy shell. They are not just tasty but really fun to eat too and are perfect for parties or for decorating cakes and cupcakes.

Milk chocolate sunflower seeds

Crunchy and fresh sunflower seeds are covered with smooth milk chocolate and coated with a crunchy candy shell. These sunflower seeds are not just delicious but they are also fun to eat and perfect for parties and for decorating cakes and cupcakes.

Join our quest for quality

Our ethos is simple. We take the finest and best quality ingredients you can find, bring in the best flavours from around the world and use minimal and elegant packaging. We are market leaders in innovative fresh produce, made by the British for the British table.

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