Coated and flavoured nuts

Coated And Flavoured Nuts

From the simple roasted and salted to exotic smoked, saffron and sumac flavoured. We have an impressive range of coated and flavoured nuts, hand picked, sorted and flavoured for a distinguished taste.

Almond – Lemon Roasted
Sweet, mild, crunchy almonds, roasted and flavoured with a fresh and zingy lemon. You start with the zesty lemon flavour and end on a mild, buttery almond taste.

Almond – Smoked
Something totally different and new. Smoked almonds have a mild smokey, woody flavour that develops on your palate over time and finishes off with sweet almond to bring you a new taste sensation.
Almond – Smoked & Spicy
Our new flavour with extra kick. A gentle smokey, woody flavour that develops on your palate followed by a mild spicy kick that is pleasant and moreish. Finishing off with sweet almond.

Cashew – Cheese Flavoured
Buttery, crunchy roasted cashews are coated with a mild cheesy flavour that bring a great savouriness to the cashews for a great taste sensation.
Cashew – Black Pepper & Sea Salt
Soft sea salt and gently black pepper bring out and enhance the crunchy butter flavour of our roasted cashews.

Cashew – Chilli Roasted
Roasted and salted cashews with a strong chilli kick that gets stronger as time goes by. If you love chilli, you will definitely like this fiery little number.
Cashew – Mexican Spice
If you love spicy but don’t want fiery hotness then this is the nut for you. Gentle Mexican spices bring a soft spiciness, followed by a gentle chilli kick that ends with a butter crunch cashew.
Cashew – Smoked
Roasted and salted cashews are gently smoked to bring out a woody, smokey taste that add a savouriness to the cashews.

Cashew – Saffron & Lemon
Indulgent and zesty, first you taste the lemon, then the gently aromatic saffron and finally the sweet cashew. This flavour combination is a journey that must be travelled.
Cashew – BBQ
Decadent and buttery cashew nuts are lovingly coated with delicious BBQ flavours. Smokey, sweet and savoury with just a very mild heat that comes through right at the end.
Cashew – Salt & Vinegar
Crunchy roasted cashew nuts, roasted to perfection and flavoured with salt and vinegar. An all time favourite flavour.

Cashew – Chilli and Lime
Delicious crunch and perfectly roasted cashew nuts are flavoured with zesty lime and mild chilli. Resulting in a perfect sour and hot flavour that is completely moreish.
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Pistachio – Saffron Roasted
Roasted and salted pistachios and then flavoured with aromatic and decadent saffron. You will taste a gentle saffron followed by the sweet and distinctive pistachio flavour.
Pistachio – Lemon Roasted
Zesty and zingy lemon adds a citrus burst to these delicious pistachio. Once you go past the delicious lemon, enjoy crunchy, sweet pistachios.

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Pistachio – Sumac Roasted
Lemony sumac fruitiness adds a delicious mild zesty flavour to these pistachios. You start off with the citrus and end with the sweet, crunchy pistachios.
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Peanuts – Chilli Roasted
Distinctive peanut flavour enhanced with added chilli to bring you peanuts with a kick. As the chilli develops you will get more heat and then the sweetness of the peanuts.
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