Nuts, Seeds and Crackers

We are very particular about our nuts. Firstly we select the very best available, ensuring they have a beautiful nutty aroma and have the best colour and size. We then roast, salt and flavour all our nuts in-house to bring you the highest quality and maximum flavour.

Our range of coated nuts and Japanese crackers are delicious and a favourite snack at home and in hospitality venues. 

Sunflower seeds are great to snack on and nutritious too. Our new range of sunflower seeds offer premium packaging as well as top quality seeds that have been perfectly roasted and flavoured. 

Raw nuts
Roasted and Salted nuts
Coated and flavoured nuts
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Caramelised nuts
Medfood Seeds
Sunflower seeds
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Nutty, savoury and moreish, our range of coated nuts and Japanese crackers deliver a delectable flavour burst.

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