Raw nuts

Raw Nuts

Full of vitamins, antioxidants and healthy fats. Our great range of raw nuts are ideal for snacking, in cooking and baking.

Raw Almonds
Mild, aromatic and nutty, raw almonds are perfect to snack on, in cereals and in food.

Raw Cashews
Buttery in flavour, cashew nuts have a mild nutty taste with a sweet note that makes them great for snacking.
Raw Hazelnuts
Rich and delicately sweet on the inside with a papery outer skin, raw hazelnuts have a decadent creaminess.
Raw Macadamias
Rich and buttery in flavour, macadamia nuts have a subtle sweetness and a creamy, subtle texture.

Raw Pistachios
Mild, sweet and a distinctively pistachio taste, these nuts are a strong reminder of the middle east and warmer climates.
Raw Pecans
With a flavour that is quite unique and scrumptious, pecan nuts have a crispy, crunchy texture and a sweet buttery taste.
Raw Walnuts
Mild in flavour, walnuts also have some tangy and sharp notes that give it a distinct flavour and a crispy crunchy texture.

Mixed Raw Nuts
All your favourites in one mix with cashews, pistachios, macadamias, hazelnuts, almonds, walnuts, pecans and brazil nuts.

Medfood special mix - raw
A very special selection of our most popular products. Our special mix contains raw cashew nuts, pistachio nuts and our best quality walnuts. As well as green raisins, raw almonds, raw hazelnuts and baby yellow figs. A fantastic fruit and nut combination.
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