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Marinated Pitted Olives

Bella Napoli

Taking you back to Italy, the Bella Napoli olives are a joy to eat and very popular. This delightful mix is made of black olives and green Nocellara olives and is marinated with red peppers and garlic cloves in oil. Delicious.

Harissa and Garlic

Looking for something different? Look no further with our harissa and garlic blend. Green and black olives are marinated with garlic cloves, spicy harissa paste and oil for a smooth and spicy kick. If you liked your olives hot then this is the blend for you.


Dreaming of sitting in a tavern by the blue Greek water? Our Mykonos blend is a taste of sunny climates. Green and black olives are marinated with red peppers, garlic cloves and herbs. We bring all these delicious flavours together in oil.


If you love your olive varieties, you will love this blend. Our Naxos blend is an exciting mix of three different types of olive. We marinate them with garlic cloves, herbs de Provence and herbs in oil.

African Spice

Try an exotic mix with our African Spice blend. This is a delicious mixture of green and black olives. Then we add punchy herbs with fenugreek, chilli, garlic cloves and cinnamon. But we don’t stop there because we then add warming cumin and blend everything in oil.

Basil and Garlic

Basil and garlic is one of our most popular olive mixes. This is a blend of pitted green and black olives and is marinated with a blend of garlic cloves, cornichons, herbs and basil in oil.


Our Bosca mix ia a little different and contains mushrooms which is unusual in marinades. Bosca is a mix of green and black olives. It is marinated with mushrooms, cornichons, basil and garlic all coming together in oil.


If you love green olives then this is the one for you. This delicious blend contains green pitted olives marinated with mushrooms, red peppers, cornichons, basil, and garlic in oil.

Chilli and Garlic

This lovely marinade is a mixture of hot chilli flakes with smooth buttery olives. It is a popular choice of mixed green and black olives marinated with garlic cloves and chilli flakes in oil. It definitely has a kick.

Cocktail Mix

There is something for everyone in our cocktail mix. Green olives and black kalamata olives are marinated with red peppers, garlic cloves and cornichons. All blended together with delicious herbs and oil.


Delight is an unusual mix and a favourite if you love stuffed olives. Three types of stuffed olives including jalapeno, green, red piri piri stuffed olives are combined and marinated with kalamata olives and red peppers. We have also added bay leaves, herbs, vinegar and oil.


You will taste the sunshine in this gorgeous blend of olives. We have taken black and green olives and have marinated them with lemon slices, herbs de Provence and oil. Simply sunshine.

Grilled Olives

Have you ever tried a grilled olive? Grilled olives are unusual but delicious. We have taken green olives and grilled them for a lovely grilled, smokey flavour. They are then marinated with garlic, capia peppers and herbs in oil.


A popular choice and a lovely mellow mix. Green and black olives are simply marinated with herbs in oil. It’s all about the olives with this simple yet delicious marinade.

Lemon and Coriander

This is a fresh and light mixture. Pitted green olives are marinated with fresh lemon zest, garlic and coriander in oil. It has a lovely herby taste with a zesty lemon aftertaste. Gorgeous.


For all lovers of green olives, this is a lovely marinade of garlic cloves and aromatic herbs. All brought together with oil and generously poured over green pitted olives.


Another green olive favourite. This is a fresh and aromatic blend of mint, coriander, tarragon, lime and black peppers. All brought together with oil and lovingly wrapped around green pitted olives.

Moorish Delight

Black salt-cured olives are firm with a strong flavour and are often eaten in north Africa. To bring out their natural flavour, we have marinated them with oregano and cumin. Adding freshness and aromatic spice for maximum taste.

Orange and cumin

Two complementing flavours make up this marinade with a difference. Zesty and fresh orange zest combined with hot and punchy chilli flakes. These Mediterranean flavours are brought together with sherry vinegar and oil, poured over pitted green olives.


This marinade will take you to beautiful Greek islands and sunny climates. We have marinated our Greek Kalamata olives with red peppers, garlic and oregano for an authentic taste. Mixed with oil to bring out all the Greek flavours.


We’re off to the Middle East with this gorgeous marinate. Sweet sour pomegranate sauce is used to marinate our mixed pitted olives with garlic, herbs, vinegar and oil. Truly delicious.


You can taste the sunshine and the sleepy towns of Provence with this marinade. We have taken pitted black and green olives, marinated them with herbs de Provence and oil. Simple, aromatic and delicious.


our Santorini olives are another popular choice. We have marinated our pitted green and black olives with mushrooms, cornichons, basil and garlic. All the flavours come together in oil for a taste of sunshine.

Hot Chilli

If you love your olives hot, you’ll love these. The blend is simple but it has punch with pitted green olives marinated with hot chilli flakes and oil. You will get a strong kick from the chilli before the delicious mild olives take over.

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