Turkish Delight

Turkish Delight

Quality Turkish delight or lokum in traditional flavours of rose and lemon and fresh new flavours including mango, pineapple, orange and pomegranate – liberally covered in coconut or icing sugar.
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Apple Icing Sugar
Sweet and soft, our apple Turkish delight is a joy to eat and enjoy. You can taste the lovely tangy apple flavour that is both fresh and exotic followed by the sweet softness of this delicacy.
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Lemon Icing Sugar
One of the most popular flavours, our Lemon Turkish delight is zesty and lemony. You can both taste and smell the gorgeous lemon in this sweet, soft delight.
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Mint Icing Sugar
For something a little different but equally decadent, try our mint Turkish delight. The cool mint flavour is complemented perfectly with soft sweetness and icing sugar.
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Vanilla Icing Sugar
A traditional flavour, vanilla Turkish delight is popular in Turkey and is often called lokum. The warming vanilla flavour is mild and pleasing and goes perfectly with the soft sweetness of the delight.
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Rose Icing Sugar
The most popular flavour, our rose Turkish delight is aromatic with a mild rose flavour, exotic, sweet and luxurious. Just one bite transports you to lands far away and warm climates.

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Strawberry Icing Sugar
A flavour we all know and love, our strawberry Turkish delight has a mild strawberry taste and is soft and sweet.

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Banana Icing Sugar
Venture out and try something new and different with our banana Turkish delight. If you love banana you’ll love this. Distinctively banana flavour, wrapped up in a sweet soft delight.
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Orange Icing Sugar
Refreshingly fruity, the orange Turkish delight is zesty with a mild orange flavour that is fresh and delightful and very enjoyable to eat.

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Pomegranate Icing Sugar
A little tartness is followed by sweetness from the exotic pomegranate flavour. This lovely new taste is definitely worth trying.

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Rose & Lemon Icing Sugar
The two most popular flavours in one, rose and lemon brings you mild aromatic rose and zesty lemon, all wrapped up in a sweet and soft bundle of delight.
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Sour Cherry Icing Sugar
The sweetness of cherries followed by their sour sharpness is the perfect flavour combination for this Turkish delight. The cherry flavour is followed by the sweet softness of the delight.
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Tricolour Icing Sugar
You don’t need to pick your favourites with this gorgeous selection of aromatic rose, zesty lemon and cool mint. Three lovely combinations in one box to bring you delight and variety.
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Double Pistachio Icing Sugar
Luxurious pistachios segments are added to vanilla Turkish delight to bring you a traditional yet decadent delight. These Turkish delight segments are smaller than the others, concentrating your taste buds on gorgeous pistachios.
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Mint Coconut
Cool mint on the inside and crunchy coconut on the outside. Our mint Turkish delight has a mild cooling mint taste that is followed by soft sweet delight and is covered in sweet crunch coconut.

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Sultan Coconut
Traditional white, marshmellow like Turkish delight with a mild warming vanilla flavour. Soft and sweet on the in side and crunchy coconut on the outside.

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Orange Coconut
Zesty orange taste flavours this lovely delight with a mild orange aroma and taste on the inside and crunchy coconut on the outside.

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Lemon Coconut
A favourite flavour, you can taste and smell the delicious lemon flavour of this popular delight. Sweet, lemon softness on the inside and crunchy coconut on the outside.
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Pomegranate Coconut
Tangy and sweet pomegranate add a delicious flavour to this soft delight. Sweet indulgence on the inside and crunchy coconut on the outside.

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Cherry Coconut
Another favourite and an unusual flavour, sweet cherries bring the taste of the summer to this lovely delight. Juicy, sweet cherry flavours on the inside are complemented with crunchy coconut on the outside.
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Violet Coconut
For an unusual but beautiful sweet try our violet Turkish delight. These unusual purple sweets have a floral taste that is followed by soft sweetness and crunchy coconut.

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Extra Pistachio
Delicious decadent pistachios surround the soft, white, vanilla marshmellowness of this tasty delight. If you love nuts you will love this delight.

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Sultan 50% Pistachio
If you like your pistachio nuts you’ll love our sultan extra pistachio. White marshmellow like, vanilla Turkish delight, filled with lots of pistachio segments and covered with crunchy coconut. Made in a long segment rather than small cubes – so you can cut as little or as much as you like.
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