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Plain Whole Olives

Mixed italian olives
Are a delicious mixture of Gaeta, Leccino, Nocerella and Gerignola olives. This exciting olive mix contains firmer fleshed and softer olives and a mixture of salty, sweet and natural tasting olives.
Green nocellara olives
From Italy are rounded firm olives that have a mild sweet flavour. They are perfect in food and are often paired in slow cooked beef.

Whole kalamata olives
From Greece are often referred to as the king of olives. They have a dark purple skin and are sweet and fruity, however they have the sharpness that we most associate with olives.

Salt cured moroccan olives
Have a strong salty flavour and a tougher shrivelled skin that gives them a distinct texture and a rich umami saltiness.

Green halkidiki olives
From Greece have a firm texture and a slightly bitter taste with a hint of fruity aroma without any hint of oiliness. They are fantastic in salads and food and are a good snacking olive with a pure natural taste.