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Amazing Health Benefits of Eating Nuts blog

Amazing Health Benefits of Eating Nuts

Amazing Health Benefits of Eating Nuts

Did you know that some of the smallest ingredients in your cupboard might just be among the most powerful? Research shows that a diet that includes eating nuts combined with healthy diet and lifestyle choices have a significant impact on your health and longevity. The amazing health benefits of eating nuts are many and in this blog we are going to explore them and ways we can eat more nuts.

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Nuts are a nutrient-rich food and provide us with unsaturated fats, fibre, protein, vitamins, minerals and other micro-nutrients. According to Tracy Parker, senior dietitian at the British Heart Foundation “eating nuts helps to reduce our risk of heart and circulatory diseases”.

The amazing health benefits of eating nuts are many. Studies suggest that eating a handful of nuts (about 30g) can reduce your risk of type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, heart attacks and other health problems.

What about the calories?

But what about the calories? You may ask. There is no shying away from the fact that nuts are high in calories and fat. A 30g handful of nuts contains just under 200 calories, this is equivalent to some chocolate bars. However this should not put you off enjoying them.

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This is because most nuts contain healthy unsaturated fats. Swapping saturated fats found in chocolates and biscuits for nuts will replace your bad cholesterol with good. And bringing with it all the other nutrients too.

Recent studies have now found that fascinatingly, the fat in whole nuts is protected by the plant-cell walls. These are not easily broken down and therefore pass straight through our digestive system. Almonds, for example, have been found to provide 32% fewer calories than the label says.

Which nuts should I be eating?

The beauty of nuts is that there are so many varieties, each with its own unique flavour and properties. The healthiest nuts are Raw nuts. Raw nuts retain 100% of their healthy properties.

At Medfood, we provide a range of premium quality raw nuts. One of our most popular products is our Mixed Raw nuts.

Medfood blog - Mixed-Raw

Our popular mixed raw nuts contains all your favourite nuts in one handful. They include cashews, pistachios, macadamia, hazelnuts, almonds, walnuts, pecans and brazil nuts. Enabling you to get the benefits from each nut.

But you don’t have to restrict yourself to only eating nuts. Across the Middle East, nuts are often mixed with dried fruits and are eaten as snacks. These sweet savoury combinations are enjoyed with glasses of tea or cups of coffee and replace the need for biscuits or sugar. A fantastic healthy swap.

Medfood blog - Special-Mix-Raw

If you’re looking for a really indulgent fruit and nuts mix don’t look any further. Our Medfood special mix – raw is a lovely combination of raw jumbo cashews, pistachios, walnuts, hazelnuts and almonds mixed with green raisins and baby yellow figs. It’s just delicious!

What about salted or flavoured nuts?

Roasted and salted nuts are the most popular snacking nuts. They are crunchy and moreish. Caramelised nuts such as honey cashews or almonds roasted with honey and cinnamon are great fun to eat. Experts recommend that you moderate your intake of these nuts as they contain salt and sugar (in the form of honey). So why not enjoy raw nuts every day and flavoured or salted nuts occasionally.

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Nuts are more than just healthy fats

Nuts contain much more than unsaturated fats. They are high in fibre, protein and antioxidants. This combination helps you to fill up, preventing you from reaching for other, less healthy treats. Studies have shown that snacking on almonds in the morning curbs your appetite, preventing you from overeating throughout the day.

What are the environmental factors of eating nuts?

The high protein content of nuts has led experts to suggest that they may be one of the more sustainable sources of protein. According to the EAT- Lancet report, a diet rich in fruits, vegetables and plant-based proteins such as nuts have health and planetary benefits. So it’s a win win combinations for humans and mother earth.

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How can I eat more nuts?

Nuts are so versatile and super easy to incorporate into your diet. You can drizzle them on soups and salads, whizz them into dips or add them to foods such as stir fries. Here are our top tips.

Medfood blog - Crumble

Add some crushed nuts to grains or crumble toppings for extra flavour and texture. Walnuts or hazelnuts are particularly good.

Medfood blog - Marinated-olives-recipe

Try this delicious recipe. Add 2 cups of Medfood green olives, 1.5 cups of finely chopped walnuts, 4 cloves of garlic, fresh mint to taste, 0.5 cup of pomegranate molasses and some olive oil and salt. Mix this delicious mixture and leave in the fridge overnight. Enjoy this amazing snack the next day and you will never go back. Click here for full recipe.

Medfood blog - breakfast-bowl

Add crushed nuts to your morning cereal or granola bowl. You will be adding extra nutrients and it will help to keep you full for longer.


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Photograph attributes:

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Cereal bowl – Image by Freepik

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