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eating all year round

Food trends for 2021 and into 2022

2021 is fast disappearing but many of the food trends that we’ve seen over the past year are set to carry over into 2022, especially as COVID-19 continues. Looking at the market, below is a forecast of the top five trends that you’ll be seeing more of this year and into next.

Ready to eat individual snacks

COVID has made us all hyper-sensitive about sharing bowls of snacks, so many consumers are looking for options that are easy to serve, easy to transport and most importantly, individually packed. Many manufacturers have seen a rise in their single-serve snack options and this is a trend that will continue into next year. At Medfood we have seen an uplift in sales of our olive pouches. These handy 50g packs are easy to pop into a bag, lunchbox or pocket, they are oil and mess free, they don’t need to be kept in a fridge, are vegan and at 70 Calories per pack they are the ideal healthy snack option.

Food trends
Food trends

Food with health benefits

Consumers will continue to be drawn to foods that communicate health benefits. These include foods that showcase ingredients that are said to boost physical and mental health. Functional foods ranging from herbs and spices, like turmeric and ginger, fortified grains or cereals, natural dried fruits and raw nuts are all seeing an uplift as more consumers make a conscious choice about the ingredients they buy.

At Medfood we are very particular about our nuts, we select the highest quality available – looking for the best colour and size. We roast our own nuts to deliver maximum taste and the beautiful nutty aromas. We also have a selection of organic and non-organic dried fruits – delivering maximum vitamins, minerals and natural sweetness.

Alfresco eating all year round

eating all year round

With many of us continuing to work from home, the Waitrose Report shows that cooking at home is now the new commute, providing a clear separation between work time and home time, and this trend is likely to remain this way.

The report shows that alfresco eating will remain popular all year round with people using their BBQs, garden heaters and fire pits in the colder months. This has resulted in sales uplifts of deli products, speciality breads and charcuterie. At Medfood we have seen higher demand of deli products, olives and Mediterranean products over the past year, as more people eat at home and demand high quality products from shops.

Plant-based foods

Plant-based ingredients continue to be the trend into 2021 as 28% of people said that they are eating more protein from plant sources, according to IFIC. As more people flirt with veganism and vegetarianism, the sales of nuts, dried fruits and plant-based proteins is set to increase in 2021 and into 2022.

Restaurants and bars need reliable suppliers

According to the KPMG NatWest corporate client director Philip Brown, Brexit is here to stay and catering establishments need to value their food producers and suppliers – especially those based in the UK. “A stable and robust supply chain is vital in ensuring a successful business. Catering suppliers should invest in and maintain their relationships with their reliable suppliers.”

As a UK-based producers, we at Medfood highly value our relationship with our customers, we are committed to quality and pride ourselves on our BRC AA Certification, ensuring the integrity of our products throughout the production and distribution processes. Our sales team are on hand to advise our clients on the products most suited to their needs, new products into the market and provide the best prices to help businesses succeed. 

BRC global

If you would like to discuss your business needs with us, call our sales team on 020 8965 6528 or contact us for more information.

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