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Give the precious gift of food this Christmas

Give the precious gift of food this Christmas

The tradition of giving food at Christmas

Christmas is a time for giving and we all take great pleasure in giving gifts to family, friends and even our favourite charities. The tradition of gift giving, particularly the precious gift of food, during the festive season has its roots with the ancient Romans. This was a time when thanks was given for the bounty provided by the agricultural gods.

The Roman celebrations took place from the 17th to the 23 December. A great public banquet was held, during which social standings were done away with, masters and slaves were all treated equal and gifts were exchanged. 

Importantly, the value of the gifts were insignificant. The most precious gifts given and received were gifts of food and drink. This tradition continues to this very day. The Italians gift beautiful boxes of Panettone, a bread rich in butter and dried fruits. This was once only enjoyed by the rich due to its precious ingredients, however, the tradition remains today. In the UK fanciful hampers are a favourite seasonal gift. Stuffed full of jam, biscuits, nuts and dried fruits. These baskets are a pleasure to open and explore and are precious gift foods.

Our festive favourites

Dried fruits is another staple during the festive season. From ancient Persia to medieval England and the new worlds of America and Australia, dried fruits appear in many festive celebrations.

Iranians celebrate the Persian new year with a fruit and nut mix known as ajeel. Most northern European countries have a heritage of dried fruits in their festive baking, from the German stollen to the Danish fruit and nut buns which are enjoyed over Christmas. And let’s not forget about Christmas pudding, where dried fruits bring colour, sweetness and luxury to a humble oat pudding. A luxury only enjoyed at Christmas time.

Today we tend to take food for granted and delicacies such as dried fruits, nuts, sugar and honey are abundant around us. But let’s not forget that these are the most precious gifts to give. So if you’re looking for fantastic gift ideas – why not re-kindle old traditions and gift simple but decadent gifts that will be appreciated by everyone, give the precious gift of food. 

Dried fruits are the ultimate luxury

Have you seen our dried fruit range at Medfood? We go way beyond the humble raisin. We offer festive favourites such as cranberries as well as more unusual and tropical dried fruits of papaya, candied pineapple, kiwi, strawberries and the ever popular mango. Our range has naturally sweet, organic and crystallised (sweetened) fruits – so there is something for everyone.

Dried fruits in a box

Naturally sweet

Our naturally sweet range is exactly as it sounds, it’s sweetened by nature and by sunshine. There is no added sugar, so they are great for snacking and are full of vitamins, minerals and nutrients. Did you know that dried apricots provide 94% of your body’s daily need for Vitamin A? Dried fruits are truly the ultimate super foods.

Dried Cranberries

Sweetened fruit

Our crystallised or sweetened range is for those of you with a sweeter tooth. These fruits have been dried and sugar has been added for extra sweetness. Our sweet papaya spears will take you straight back to the tropics and our sweet strawberries will transport you to English summers and freshly mowed lawns.

Crystallised kiwi fruit

Organic dried fruit

Our Certified Organic range contains sweet figs, apricots, mangoes and white mulberries. The fruits contain no preservatives and are dried more than usual to help preserve their quality. They are packed with antioxidants, vitamins and minerals.

Organic apricots

Nuts are just so Christmas

Nuts go hand in hand with dried fruits when it comes to gift foods at Christmas. They were traditionally put in Christmas stockings as a special treat. Nuts are ever popular and another source of vitamins and minerals. But we all throw caution to the wind in the festive season and bypass the raw nuts, instead indulging in flavoured and caramelised nuts.

Did you know we roast and flavour all our nuts in-house? This way we know that we are bringing you superior quality and aroma. Explore our fantastic flavour combinations like our saffron pistachios and smoked almonds. Or try our cashew nuts roasted with blossom honey and chilli for a truly special flavour.

Bowls of nuts

Turkish delight, a flavour of the Middle East

Traditionally eaten during the Eid to celebrate the month of Ramadan, Turkish delight is another traditional sweet that is consumed during festivities. Also known as Lokum, the soft sweetness of Turkish delight brings joy to any cup of tea. And the delicate scent of rose or pomegranate sends us back to warm summers and exotic holidays. Our fantastic range of Turkish delight offers traditional flavours such as rose, vanilla and lemon and new flavours such as cool mint, zesty orange, sour cherry and strawberry. With a choice of icing sugar or crunchy coconut covering, you are definitely spoilt for choice. Not to mention our decadent nut filled delights.

 Turkish delight

Chocolate, the ultimate Christmas food

We can’t talk about gift foods without talking about chocolate. The ultimate gift food, when we give the gift of chocolate, we are sending that person back to the good part of their childhood. Chocolate symbolises love, passion, care and happy life. This luxurious gift that comes in many flavours and sizes. Our decadent confectionery range carries beautiful products such as milk chocolate cinnamon almonds and chocolate covered Brazil nuts. Dark chocolate coffee beans and a range of chocolate and yogurt coated dried fruits and nuts, offers you a fantastic range. 

Chocolate almondsWe at Medfood would like to extend our season’s greetings to you all. We hope that 2022 is a happy and healthy year for you and your loved ones, and wish prosperity for all your businesses.

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