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Most Popular Celebration Food Ideas

King Charles III’s coronation will take place on Saturday 6th May at Westminster Abbey in London. For many of us this is an opportunity to enjoy an extra bank holiday and a long weekend. The coronation of a new Sovereign is an occasion for pageantry and celebration. Although the pageantry has remained the same for thousands of years we all have our own special way of celebrating special occasions. At the heart of any celebration is food and we have the most popular celebration food ideas for you.

Ahead of the Coronation, Buckingham Palace have released three official recipes for people to enjoy and serve at their street parties. Alongside these we have some delicious snack and sweet ideas to add colour and flavour to your parties.

Celebrate with Olives

Olives are considered as fruits of the Gods and appear on every table in the Mediterranean, whether there is a celebration or not. Our delicious marinated Olives bring flavour and colour to all your celebratory tables. Our Bella Napoli Olives have won Best Product of the Year at the Quality Food Awards and have just won a Gold Medal at the Farm Show and Deli Show 2023. This delicious range is a mixture of black and green olives, marinated with red peppers, garlic and aromatic Italian herbs. They are just delicious!

Why not browse our range of marinated olives to find your favourite flavour?

Celebrate like the Italians

Food is at the heart of the Italian household and nothing is more indulgent than sitting at a table for hours, eating and enjoying food while watching the Coronation celebrations on television. So why not celebrate like an Italian and enjoy a large selection of Medfood antipasti at leisure.

One of our most popular antipasti is Red African Peppers stuffed with Cream cheese. These delicious sweet peppers are full of mild peppery flavour and the smooth and cool cream cheese is the perfect complement.

Looking for something different? Medfood Borettane Onions in Balsamic Vinegar are mild, tender and sweet Italian pearl onions pickled in sweet sour Balsamic Vinegar. They are perfect as antipasti on their own and go great with cheese and cold meats.

Bring the sunshine to your table with our sundried tomatoes. They are packed with flavour and sweetness and go perfect with cheese, added to salads and in food. And why not make a salad dressing from their oil so nothing goes to waste.

Celebrate with Turkish Delight

You can not beat the flavour of a decadent Turkish delight. Soft decadent pieces of delight flavoured naturally with rose, lemon, apple or even pomegranate or orange. Turkish delight is enjoyed at celebratory events all over the Mediterranean and will bring indulgency and colour to your celebrations.

Medfood Turkish Delight come in a range of delicious flavours and are coated with coconut or icing sugar. These delicious sweet morsels are one of the most popular celebration food ideas that you can incorporate at your coronation parties.

We hope you enjoy the extra break and have a good celebrations. If you would like to discuss your business needs with us and talk to us about our range of products, call our sales team on 020 8965 6528 or contact us for more information.

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