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Seven ways to beat the January blues

For many of us, once the festive season is over the January blues start to set in. The new year period can be particularly tough. For one thing, many of us tend to take stock of our lives. Secondly after the excesses of the festive season, going back to the usual daily routine can be overwhelming, especially if it means that we’ve ended up with a few extra inches.  Finally we all know that we’ve spent a little too much over the period and dread the thought of the large credit card bill landing in the middle of January. But all is not lost, we have got the perfect solution for you and seven ways to beat the January blues.

Swap the fad diets for healthy eating

Over eating is synonymous with the holidays. Chocolates, mince pies, high-carb and high-sugar foods as well as excesses in alcohol can leave us with low energy and dark moods – typical of January blues. But don’t fall for the fad diets, instead reintroduce healthy foods and smaller portions into your diet.

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Research undertaken at the University of Sydney looked at 60,000 Australians and examined their diet. It found that certain foods can boost your mood, in return increasing your serotonin, the happiness hormone. It found 8 foods that can have a direct affect on your mood.

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Seeds and nuts are high in tryptophan which helps to stabilise your mood and aid sleep. In fact many studies have found that a handful of nuts go a long way meeting many of our vitamin and essential mineral needs.

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Olives are very high in vitamin E and other power antioxidants. They are good for the heart, may protect against cancer and osteoporosis. A study at the TUFTS university in 2021 ranked Olives in the top 1% of the healthiest foods you can eat.

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Dark chocolate has been identified as a mood enhancer for years. Dark chocolate with 70% cocoa solids is packed with antioxidants, iron and protective plant compounds. Combine your chocolate and nut snack and try our dark chocolate selection. They are delicious and good for you.

Take a drip to change your mood

Going on a trip can improve your mood and lift you out of your new year depression, especially if you’re going somewhere sunny.

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That’s because our bodies create Vitamin D from sunlight which directly reflects our mood. And you don’t even have to go on a long trip. Even a weekend away can make a difference.

Get outside and embrace winter activities

Physical activity is a great mood booster that is proven to help fend off depression. We know that the cold weather and dark skies doesn’t exactly entice outdoor activities. But you will be surprised!

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There is a lot more light in the sky than you think and seeing this light will definitely lift your mood. Country walks, winter sports, ice skating or even a gently stroll around the park has huge benefits. And once you get going, you’ll see the benefits and you’ll want to keep going!

Get warm and toasty

Never underestimate the healing effects of the warmth, especially during the coldest months of the year. Our bodies are comforted by warmth, this is why we seek the sun or find so much comfort in a cup of tea. So take your time and enjoy a long soak in the bath. Even better, add some warming essential oils like rosemary, ginger and cardamom.

Looking at the seven ways to beat the January blues, shows you that you don’t have to go to a great expense to reap huge benefits. Taking time for yourself and for small pleasures has been proven to help your mental health and boost your mood. It takes very little effort and has so many benefits – so what are you waiting for?

Skip resolutions and take up a new hobby

New year resolutions can be a double-edged sword. On the one hand they can motive us, on the other failing them can make us feel inadequate. So this year why not skip resolutions and try something new.

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This can be anything from taking up a new hobby, joining a knitting group or learning a new language. New activities give us a huge sense of achievement and in turn lift our mood. And if you find you’re really enjoying it, you can continue it for the rest of year and enjoy it for years to come.

Find something fun to do

January’s bleak weather and lack of funds can make it very easy to just stay at home all the time and hibernate for the winter. But try not to give in to temptation and get out, stay active and sociable. Research has found that spending even a little time with people can have a huge effect on our mood. And you don’t have to push the boat out to be sociable.

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Meet a friend for a coffee, join a walking group, volunteer or go to a museum. These are all things you can do for free or for little money, they will get you out and about and meeting other people. All helping to life your mood and beat January blues.

Identify your worries

If there’s something that is making you feel anxious or stressed, you can make a list and add possible solutions to the problems. Sometimes even making a list can make your worries feel lighter. So write your worries down, express how you feel about it and try to deal with it in a logical and clear way. Identifying whether solutions are available goes a long way towards alleviating your worries and lifting the weight.

We hope you find this blog useful. We at Medfood would like to wish you all a happy and healthy New Year. If you would like to discuss your business needs with us and talk to us about our range of products, call our sales team on 020 8965 6528 or contact us for more information.


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